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Laihha at Honolua Bay
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Laihha Upcountry Maui
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Laihha at Ho'okipa
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Aloha! Iʻm Laihha (Lay-uh) Organna (Yes, named after princess Leia Organna, I just have a ridiculous spelling). LOindaflow = LO (my initials) + In Da Flow (flow state, surfing, hawaii). 

I am a professional doodler, below average surfer, nature lover and coffee slugger. I live in Haiku, on the shore of Maui and spend my days drawing, painting, working on my business, surfing, and building out my art studio bus. 

I have my degree in Geography with a focus on sustainability and water resources. I spent many years working in sustainability education. I got my permaculture design certificate and organized garden education and organic farming efforts. While I loved working in mentorship roles and promoting sustainability, my heart was always pulled towards creativity. 

Drawing is something I could wake up and do every single day. I also believe it's a way more me to make a difference in this world. I committed to drawing each day and overtime that has snowballed into my full time career. 

I'm a one woman show, learning everyday how to best run this business of mine. I love to work with sustainability initiatives, surf/ skate brands and communities, coffee companies, breweries, musicians and more. The best part of my job is meeting other like minded entrepreneurs and social change makers. I am so happy my art can be a part of someone's journey! 

Mahalo for being here!


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