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Laihha at Honolua Bay
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Laihha Upcountry Maui
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Laihha at Ho'okipa
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Aloha! Iʻm Laihha (Lay-uh) Organna. (Yes, named after princess Leia Organna, just spelt weird). I am a Maui-Based Illustrator and Designer. I create spunky artwork inspired by stoke. Stoke: a feeling shared amongst board riders and their love for the great outdoors.


I received my bachelors  degree in Geography, focusing on Sustainability and Water resources. I carry my former work as a sustainability educator into my career as an artist, sharing art that inspires us to Mālama Aina, always. 


I work with businesses and organizations looking to add spunky character to their brand and products. When I am not drawing goofy surfing skulls or drinking too much coffee, I am off catching waves, finding some peace and joy in our fast-paced world. Donʻt hesitate to reach out if you are interested in working together, or if you just wanna talk about surf, thatʻs cool too.