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Artist Resources and Tools

Some of the following tools have affiliate links. When you purchase a product or service using one of these links, at no extra cost to you, a small portion will go to supporting me and my art. Thank you!

Digital Illustration


  • Cannon DSLR EOS 90D set with everything you need.

    • This camera is perfect if you're no camera nerd, but looking to get creative and record your art process. I've been using it over a year to record videos and I love it. 

  • Heavy desktop overhead camera mount

    • This has been a game changer! I've tried a few different camera tripods/ mounts and they either don't get the angle right for overhead filming or are not strong enough to hold my camera. This one works perfect!  ​

business Resources

  • Honeybook

    • I use Honeybook for everything: client portals, sending contracts, invoices, accepting payments, sending questionnaires, embedding forms into my website and more. I truly couldn't run my business without it!​

  • Wix

    • I use wix as platform to host my website. It allows me to have an online shop, show my portfolio and capture client leads. ​

Fine art

  • Golden Heavy body acrylic paint

    • These are on the spendy side but well worth it. Very pigmented and go really far. You can dilute the heavy body paints quite a bit and really stretch the use of your paint. You can either buy a lot of cheap paint or a little high quality paint that last longer!

  • Golden Gesso

    • I apply this product to a surface, like a skateboard or wood panel before painting. It helps create a smooth matte surface helping to absorb your paint and enhance the colors.

  • Saral Transfer Paper

    • I use this to transfer a sketch to my canvas. ​

  • Stay Wet Palette

    • This palette keeps your acrylic paints wet while you are painting, increasing their life.

  • Fine Line Paint Brushes

    • Super affordable set of brushes that work great for getting smooth thin lines.

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